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From facials to eyelashes, Lemongrass Day Spa is a luxury day spa that offers a wide variety of services in Sarasota, Florida.

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Oxygen & Detox Treatment

Oxygenating Trio®, this blend stimulates circulation, bringing oxygen to the surface of the skin. The detoxifier aides in the removal of toxins and purifies the skin while providing antioxidant support. The final step in the Oxygenating Trio® infuses the skin with antioxidants and helps to fight bacteria with powerful topical oxygenators.


Revitalize Papaya Treatment

Active papaya enzymes are blended with vitamin E and honey to soothe and hydrate the skin. Antioxidants from the extract of green tea keeps the skin healthy and protected. Results-oriented and suitable for all skin types and conditions.



Clarify Blemish Treatment

Clarify Therapeutic Salicylic Acid Mask Treatment provides soothing and purifying action while promoting a clear complexion. Replenishing Gel and Calming Balm, both treatment enhancement products, contain antioxidants to soothe and calm skin post-procedure.


Oat Milk Hydrate Mask

Skin is calmed and soothed with oat milk extract that also helps retain essential moisture. Arnica Montana flower extract and cucumber extract provide additional calming benefits. Deep hydration from panthenol, glycerin and sodium hyaluronate.


Therapeutic Charcoal Mask

Japanese white charcoal and clay absorb excess dirt, oil and debris as the mask dries on the skin. Minimizes the appearance of pores and reduces future breakouts. Can be used on all skin types and conditions, but is especially beneficial to those with oily or breakout-prone skin.


Men's Detox Mask

This powerful exfoliant uses three methods of exfoliation for dramatically smoother and softer skin while absorbing excess oil and impurities.

Physical, enzymatic and cellular exfoliation with an advanced combination of ingredients. Minimizes the appearance of pores by absorbing excess oil stuck in the pores. Purifies the skin and sweeps away any dead skin cell build up, or excess dirt and debris.


Sensi Peel 6% TCA

Sensi Peel® is a unique chemical peel option for all patients, including those with sensitive skin. This universal 6% TCA solution will improve surface texture and brighten the skin while helping promote an even skin tone. This multi-faceted and skin-brightening treatment is an excellent option for sensitive skin and higher Fitzpatrick skin types.

New and improved formula. Improves surface texture and brightens skin. Promotes an even skin tone. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated with 12% lactic acid and 6% TCA.


Pumpkin Retexturizing Treatment

This nutritive treatment mask can be used full-face or as a spot treatment for thick, resilient skin with acne, sun damage, or hyperkeratolytic buildup. Retexturize: Therapeutic Pumpkin Mask combines exfoliating pumpkin enzymes and salicylic acid along with a host of antibacterial and antioxidant ingredients to address rough-textured skin caused by keratinization, leaving a healthy complexion following treatment.

Exfoliates rough-textured skin caused by keratinization. Helps promote an even skin tone and clear complexion. Leaves skin with a healthy glow post-treatment.


Smoothing Body Peel

Improves the appearance and texture of the skin with a combination of exfoliating, smoothing and brightening ingredients.

This treatment is an excellent choice for promoting an even skin tone and clear complexion on the arms, legs, back, chest, hands and feet.

$50 Per Area

Clear Skin 10%TCA

The most potent of our enhanced Jessner's formulas, this peel will help improve the appearance of skin tone and provide exfoliation for oilier, thicker and more resilient skin types. It is also effective for those who require deeper treatment.


Lash Extensions

Classic Lash Extensions Full Set $150

Hybrid Lash Extensions Full Set $175

Volume Lash Extensions Full Set $210

Brow Shaping

Brow Shaping $15

Eyelash and Brow Tinting $20

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